How to play SWOS 96/97 online?

You can play both versions of the game, Amiga (1./2.) & PC (3.)!

First thing you have to know: It's NOT POSSIBLE to play SWOS online by "Click & Play".
You have to setup a few things before and you might face some problems, too.
Anyway, there is a solution for every problem that might occur. So take your time, and read carefully.

Join the match chat: (CLICK HERE, or on the button below...) This will link you to our official IRC game channel.

You have to arrange online games of SWOS in this chatroom. Remember, it's not anonymous click & join & play. Do not leave after a few minutes, give people some time to answer or to help!
#sensible @quakenet.
Button to join the match chat!

1. AMIGA SWOS 96/97 (old method)

Download the game: (CLICK HERE...) (Using MAC/Linux? Check FAQ below!)
This package contains Amiga SWOS 96/97. Extract & install it.


FAQ / Troubleshooting:
- Virus detected? Be sure, this is NOT malware! You can install the game with confidence.
- MAC/Linux user? (CLICK HERE...)
- Nobody answers in chatroom? Wait and be patient! - Send private messages by clicking on user names on the right.
- Nobody online? Join match chat in the evenings, when the channel is mostly frequented.
- How to play online / connect with your opponent?

- If you play with USB controller, set Game &I/O Ports in Winuaexp to the following: PORT1 = JOYSTICK 0
- If you play with Keyboard, set Game & I/O Ports in Winuaexp to the following: PORT1 = Keyboard B (keys+right CTRL)
- My keyboard does NOT have a right CTRL button! Download this keyboard remapper for SWOS: (CLICK HERE...)
- I cannot host a game on p2p method? You have to forward port 27886 in your router! How to: (CLICK HERE...)

2. AMIGA SWOS 96/97 (new method, FS-UAE)

Download the package: (WINDOWS...) (MAC OS X...)
This package contains a Netplay Client for Amiga games, all incl.! Extract & install it.


Host game:
Start Netplay Client, untick "Play Offline", choose a server and SWOS 96/97 from the list of games.
Choose controller and press "Start game".

Join game:
Start Netplay Client, uptick "Play Offline", choose same server as host.
Choose controller on "Player 2" and press "Join game".

FAQ / Troubleshooting:
- Netplay Client and FS-UAE launcher won't open on MAC OS X? Open it by pressing CTRL! Then it will work.
- Finding no opponent? Remember to join the chat! Only in the chatroom you will find opponents!

3. PC SWOS 96/97

Download the game: (CLICK HERE...)
This package contains PC SWOS 96/97. Extract it. (To play offline, just start game with "host.bat")

FAQ / Troubleshooting:
- How to play online, then? There are two easy ways!

a) For server play (Europe) both players have to launch game with "" file!
b) To play p2p, one player acts as host (host.bat), the other player joins him (edit join.bat to insert opponent's IP address). In game, one creates a lobby, the other one joins!

- I cannot host a game on p2p method? You have to forward port 27886 in your router! How to: (CLICK HERE...)

PC online #1 PC online #2

PC online #3