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I wonder how quickly it's going to take them to settle into this new formation .mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:07255.6Kaudio/mpeg
Yeah the lad deserves a round of applause, done well.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:50250.3Kaudio/mpeg
a good goalkeeper there was...mp32015-Sep-26 15:07:56238.4Kaudio/mpeg
a penalty a great chance to score.mp32015-Sep-26 15:07:57240.4Kaudio/mpeg
aah had the boy done good.mp32015-Sep-26 15:07:57229.4Kaudio/mpeg
aah superb ball there.mp32015-Sep-26 15:07:58224.9Kaudio/mpeg
everyone's up into the penalty area.mp32015-Sep-26 15:07:58232.3Kaudio/mpeg
fantastic goooaal.mp32015-Sep-26 15:07:58233.9Kaudio/mpeg
football's a man's game.mp32015-Sep-26 15:07:59233.9Kaudio/mpeg
freekick there.mp32015-Sep-26 15:07:59215.5Kaudio/mpeg
good hands good hands.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:00227.3Kaudio/mpeg
goooooooaaaal.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:00242.0Kaudio/mpeg
great save the keeper.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:00224.9Kaudio/mpeg
has to be a yellow there.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:01230.4Kaudio/mpeg
has to be it's off the post.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:01233.9Kaudio/mpeg
he sees red he'll see the taps it's an early bath.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:02269.1Kaudio/mpeg
he'll be lucky to stay on the pitch after that one.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:02235.1Kaudio/mpeg
he's been booked he's a little bit unlucky.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:03246.2Kaudio/mpeg
he's got his head to it.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:03217.5Kaudio/mpeg
he's hit the woodwork.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:03220.4Kaudio/mpeg
he's in trouble with the referee it could just be yellow.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:04256.9Kaudio/mpeg
he's saved it.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:04223.2Kaudio/mpeg
he's seen red he's off.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:05236.3Kaudio/mpeg
he's up for it well met as well.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:05242.4Kaudio/mpeg
he's up he's got it.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:05219.6Kaudio/mpeg
here he is then with a throw.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:06221.7Kaudio/mpeg
his bottle went there.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:06223.7Kaudio/mpeg
i think the referee's gonna book him here.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:07233.4Kaudio/mpeg
i wonder if this will affect the outcome of the game.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:07248.2Kaudio/mpeg
i'm afraid he got what he deserved.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:09225.7Kaudio/mpeg
inches wide only inches.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:08235.5Kaudio/mpeg
it must be it's off the bar.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:09230.6Kaudio/mpeg
it'll be interesting to see how this change affects the team.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:09246.2Kaudio/mpeg
it'll be interesting to see how this changes things now.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:10237.2Kaudio/mpeg
it's a full moon the loons are out.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:10236.7Kaudio/mpeg
it's an early bath for him.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:10235.0Kaudio/mpeg
it's gone out for a corner.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:11221.6Kaudio/mpeg
it's in no it's hit the woodwork.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:11233.9Kaudio/mpeg
it's in the back of the net.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:12222.4Kaudio/mpeg
it's in the net.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:12218.8Kaudio/mpeg
it's saaaaved.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:12228.5Kaudio/mpeg
keeper beaten it's off the woodwork.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:13233.5Kaudio/mpeg
keeper's ball.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:13218.3Kaudio/mpeg
keeper's come he's got it.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:13224.9Kaudio/mpeg
keeper's up.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:15213.4Kaudio/mpeg
let's hope the team can settle in this new formation quickly.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:14256.8Kaudio/mpeg
looks like a tactical switch.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:15227.8Kaudio/mpeg
nice jump.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:15213.0Kaudio/mpeg
no bottle there whatsoever.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:16236.7Kaudio/mpeg
no question it's in.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:16230.2Kaudio/mpeg
now get things going with the throw.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:16235.0Kaudio/mpeg
now this could be dangerous.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:17223.7Kaudio/mpeg
oh gee what a terrible mistake.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:17236.3Kaudio/mpeg
oh great hands there.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:18229.4Kaudio/mpeg
oh he had to go referee's had no option.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:19245.3Kaudio/mpeg
oh he's got to be booked for that.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:18242.1Kaudio/mpeg
oh so silly oh so soft.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:19240.4Kaudio/mpeg
oh that's a bookable offence.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:19232.9Kaudio/mpeg
oh that's a definite freekick.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:20223.7Kaudio/mpeg
oh what a sensational game as the referee blows the final whistle.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:20306.9Kaudio/mpeg
one against one from twelve yard superbly placed.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:21256.7Kaudio/mpeg
one against one from twelve yards he's missed it.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:21251.9Kaudio/mpeg
ooh crush off the post.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:21236.3Kaudio/mpeg
ooh desperately close.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:22231.4Kaudio/mpeg
ooh good goalkeeping.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:22225.3Kaudio/mpeg
ooh great determination in there.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:23237.9Kaudio/mpeg
ooh he's up for it.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:23216.7Kaudio/mpeg
ooh it's a penalty.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:23231.4Kaudio/mpeg
ooh magnificent stop by the keeper.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:24237.9Kaudio/mpeg
ooh no he's missed it.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:25233.5Kaudio/mpeg
ooh no.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:25214.7Kaudio/mpeg
ooh only a lick of paint away there.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:25239.2Kaudio/mpeg
ooh superbly placed.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:25228.9Kaudio/mpeg
ooh the iceman comet.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:26236.3Kaudio/mpeg
ooh what a dreadful foul that is.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:26232.6Kaudio/mpeg
ooh what a great stop.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:27222.8Kaudio/mpeg
ooh what agility.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:28227.7Kaudio/mpeg
penalty ref.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:27218.8Kaudio/mpeg
penalty.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:28215.9Kaudio/mpeg
perhaps a fresh pair of legs will inject new life into the team now.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:28258.8Kaudio/mpeg
perhaps they need a fresh pair of legs on now.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:30237.2Kaudio/mpeg
referee wear your glasses.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:29229.0Kaudio/mpeg
referee.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:30215.9Kaudio/mpeg
sending off that'll surely affect the outcome of this one.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:30264.0Kaudio/mpeg
slight shuffling positions for the team.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:30244.5Kaudio/mpeg
smack it's hit the bar.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:31226.1Kaudio/mpeg
superb header.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:32221.6Kaudio/mpeg
superb save.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:31228.1Kaudio/mpeg
superb strike.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:32231.4Kaudio/mpeg
terrible decision by the ref.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:32235.0Kaudio/mpeg
that looks like a booking to me.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:33231.9Kaudio/mpeg
that was a fantastic save.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:33237.9Kaudio/mpeg
that's a caution from the referee.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:34239.0Kaudio/mpeg
that's a corner.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:34215.9Kaudio/mpeg
that's a great tackle.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:34223.2Kaudio/mpeg
that's a lovely pass.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:35225.3Kaudio/mpeg
that's a super streak.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:36222.8Kaudio/mpeg
that's a terrible decision by the referee.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:36249.8Kaudio/mpeg
that's a terrible tackle.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:36224.5Kaudio/mpeg
that's a yellow card i don't think he can complain about that at all.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:37265.6Kaudio/mpeg
that's played nicely to feet.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:37225.7Kaudio/mpeg
that's the fulltime whistle oh so close.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:38271.2Kaudio/mpeg
that's the long walk to the early bath.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:38255.9Kaudio/mpeg
that's well claimed by the keeper.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:38229.0Kaudio/mpeg
the fulltime whistle blows it's been a complete rout.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:39285.5Kaudio/mpeg
the fulltime whistle blows it's been so close.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:39269.1Kaudio/mpeg
the fulltime whistle goes it's been a cracker.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:40267.1Kaudio/mpeg
the lad deserve a round of applause doesn't he.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:40248.2Kaudio/mpeg
the penalty's saaaaved.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:41234.3Kaudio/mpeg
the referee had no choice but to send him off.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:41255.4Kaudio/mpeg
the referee i think will book him.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:41242.6Kaudio/mpeg
the woodwork saved them on that occasion.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:42238.4Kaudio/mpeg
they're sending a big man forward now.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:42239.0Kaudio/mpeg
this is gonna be a short one.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:43225.3Kaudio/mpeg
throw in then.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:43216.1Kaudio/mpeg
uuuh corner.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:44220.8Kaudio/mpeg
uuuuh what a shot that was.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:44249.4Kaudio/mpeg
well claimed.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:45217.5Kaudio/mpeg
well he was very lucky to get away with just a yellow card and a booking.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:45273.7Kaudio/mpeg
well he's in trouble here it could only be a booking.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:45251.3Kaudio/mpeg
well in there.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:46215.1Kaudio/mpeg
well played.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:46218.3Kaudio/mpeg
well reached.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:46218.8Kaudio/mpeg
well won.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:47217.9Kaudio/mpeg
what a goooaal.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:47224.0Kaudio/mpeg
what a ridiculously soft goal to concede.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:48250.6Kaudio/mpeg
what on earth was he thinking of.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:48234.7Kaudio/mpeg
will it be a far-post corner now.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:48236.0Kaudio/mpeg
will it be a near-post corner.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:49232.9Kaudio/mpeg
yeah had the boy done good.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:49231.9Kaudio/mpeg
yellow card? he should have been off ref.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:50249.8Kaudio/mpeg
you could say that challange was a little bit over the top.mp32015-Sep-26 15:08:51238.4Kaudio/mpeg