Only eight players left now... and the names sound like a hall of fame, an international who-is-who of SWOS stars. The Danish ISSA was represented by Peter and Rasmus, Serbian Offline-star M.C.T. and Croatian Online-Coolio Jack held the flag for former Yugoslavia. They were joined by worldclass talents like Marin P., Lucaa83 and GEO. For Germany Playaveli was leading the race. From now on you could cut the tension with a knife...Let's go!.

Marin P. (Keypad) Rasmus (Keyboard) (2-0, 2-4; Replay: 3-2 n.V., 90min 2-2)


Marin was warned by Rasmus' incredible record of 64 goals in 16 matches. That's an exact average of 4 goals per match. Marin on the other hand conceded only 10 goals in 18 matches. Goal machine versus fighting pig... The pure stats promised a closed encounter.
In the first leg Marin dominated big time and Rasmus seemed to be shocked by the skills of this Bulgarian warrior. He played a bit like not having a plan of winning. Marin had found the answer to the question how you can beat Rasmus... You have to make pressure yourself!
His semi high balls over the midfield worked like a charm and whilst his defense was contrete all the way he scored two nice goals for a 2-0 victory. In the middle of the second half the ISSA posse got more silent again upon Marin's superiority. But this was about to change in the second leg...but better watch this...


Playaveli (Gamepad) Lucaa83 (Keypad) (0-0, 2-2; Replay: 2-1 n.V., 90min 1-1)







Peter (Gamepad) Coolio_Jack (Keypad) (1-0, 1-1)



GEO (Propad) M.C.T. (Gamepad) (1-0, 0-2)